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Know more about DontSpy.EU

We are part of Reclaim your face, a coalition of 77 civil society organizations advocating to ban biometric mass surveillance.

This campaign is designed by the Hermes Center, Italian NGO for transparency and digital human rights, The Good Lobby and Info.nodes.

The competitions:

Open Data Faces Pull our data and enrich them with additional layer of face analysis. For example: compare them to a list of MugShots, or run some crazy AI system that attributes characteristic. We know it shouldn’t work that way, but once AI biometry would be legitimate, it is only a marketing problem to make it belivable. Be creative! we need to highlist that once face bioemtry get in the market, some stupid usage would happen. We should anticipate it, to raise the alarm.

FakeFaces Produce a deepfake image, put a Member of the Paliament where they have never been. Once Face biometry would be legitimate, also online material could be affected, hence remembering that modern AI can produce perfectly belivable fake images is the goal of this contest.


⚙️ face-api.js is the open source framework used in this project. Try it out on your webcam.

Other pages

💫 On Sandboxes: and why they are a joke.

💫 Help: there are three ways you can help this campaign, the time is short because AIAct has entered its final stage, so, its really NOW OR NEVER.


To contribute, collaborate, enhance, reuse, distribute material, or do any action that might be worthy of us to know about it