DontSpyEU: Recent publications

2023-06-12 Here's how to generate the MEP's image as seen through the lens of a biometric surveillance camera.

To help the campaign this is an attempt of producing usable pictures

2023-06-07 To the European People's Party with 💋 and metadata

A realistic anticipation of what is going to happen if our representative legitimize RBI in public spaces

2023-06-03 Squared faces

This small experimental visualization is meant to display all the faces with a graphic that can be easily used when campaigning about RBI

2023-05-05 Want to Help?

You can donate to sustain the prizes, or spread the message. Make deepfakes, or talk to your friend that can't stop dreaming about AI: its success depends also on how technology serves society and don't oppress it. We are fighting for this

2023-05-03 Press & noise about us

Here we collects links to pages that talk about us, separated by language. So far, 3 🇮🇹

2023-05-01 Know more about DontSpy.EU

We're part of the Reclaim Your Face coalition that works to lobby for the full ban of Face Biometry in the AIAact