Paint the best Fakeface!

because a face recognition tool doesn't care if the image is actually true

For a massive face surveillance system the information provenience doesn’t matter.

DeepFakes are a modern problem! Not addressed by those deploy biometric analysis.

Produce a deepfake image, put a Member of the Parliament where they have never been. Once Face biometry become legitimate, also the online material would be analyzed and used, hence this game is to remind that modern AI can produce perfectly believable images, that would hunt you even if fake!

How to participate?

1 Pick a Member of the Parliament, explore their existing pictures (📸)

2 Produce a Deep Fake!

3 Tweet your creation! To be considered in the competition, you have to:

Mention @HermesCenter

— Add the hashtag #DontSpyEu

Mention the twitter account of the depicted Member of the Parliament

Twitter handles